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Solar Gel 412 "Kind Of Blue"

10.89 €

SKU code: S-KN-024

"Fragile" is a tribute tothe women and totheirhumanity and its inspired by the fact that often women commit themselves to face life with force and courage despite their vulnerability.In this collection the Solar Gel nail varnishes: "405 So Human", "406 Almost Naked", "407 Pretending pink", "408 Berries on Ice", "409 Looking Strong", "410Alluring Brown", "411 Fragile", "412 Kind of Blue".Manicure by@langolodeglismalti 

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How to use

The brand

For the particular formulation of these varnishes, the manufacturer recommends the use without any transparent base. Proceed as follows: apply a thin layer of Solar Gel taking care to seal also the tip of the nails. Wait for 2 minutes and proceed with a second layer. Wait another 2/3 minutes. Apply the Top SolarGel paying attention to completely cover the color and then wait a few minutes for the complete drying of the product.

"Kinetics" is a Latvian company whose strength is the continuous research, both aesthetic and chemical, oriented to the marketing of products with new and highly professional formulations. The Kinetics seasonal collections are inspired by fashion collections and the clean and distinctive design of the packaging takes its origins from the Nordic tradition.