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Hurt No Living Thing

5.95 €
11.90 €

SKU code: S-AE-058

"Hurt no living thing" is an iridescent delicate dove greyshade that turns to dusty pink. It's not complitely covering and it can be used alone or as a top coat. "Hurt no living thing" is part of "Heavenly Quotes" collection. The nail polish comes in a 11 ml bottle; the applicator brush ensures a flawless and precise application thanks to its thin shape.

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The Collection

The Brand

The "Heavenly Quotes" collection translates quotes from famous English poems into colour. The colors of the collection have "heavenly" inspired names and contain the shades of the sky at sunset, from deep purple to delicate pink, to golden glow. In this collection: “Into The Rose-Garden”, “Whispering Waves”, “She Walks in Beauty”, “The Blessed Damozel”.

"A England" is a brand whose very name expresses all the love for England, its history and its literature its light, utterly romantic weather, somehow gothic charm and glory". Evocative references in the A England lacquers names match perfectly to the original and refined colors. "A England" polishes are unreleased finish, fashion accessories that intend to become new classics, promoting with delicacy and poetry positive values such as creativity and the beauty innate in all of us, with a myriad of nuances to be discovered. Polishes "A England" are 5free, cruelty free and vegan.