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Mini Stamping Plate "Santa's Workshop Christmas"

3.49 €
4.99 €

SKU code: T-CJ-001

“Santa's Workshop Christmas” plate includes many different designs that can be layered. It pictures a lot of little elves among gifts and Christmas sweets for a perfect Christmas mani! As in all ClearJellyStamper plates, you will find lovely designs split in background color, outline and details, that you can stamp with different colors in an layered sequence. Each design is engraved on to the stainless steel plate. Every plate is covered with a protective film to remove before use.  Each plate comes singularly in its own plastic sealed envelope (plate dimension: 5.9 x 5.9 cm). The image plate is provided with a vinyl backing for increased ease of use.

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How to use

The Brand

What you need:
Nail polish – you should use an opaque nail polish with strong pigmentation / Stamper & Scraper set / ClearJellyStamper image plate.

How to stamp:
1. Remove the plate protective film.
2. Apply the nail polish of your choice to the design you wish to stamp.
3. Remove the excess nail polish with a scraper using a 45° angle.
4. Roll the stamp over the selected design being careful not to use too much pressure.
5. Transfer the design by rolling the stamp over you nail.
6. Apply a top coat for a longer lasting result.

ClearJellyStamper was created by Northern American Debbie Duxbury, local entrepreneur and nail technician. Duxbury solved a time consuming problem for a nail technician by inventig the patent pending ClearJellyStamper and Layered Stamping Plates, offering it to to everyone in the industry worldwide at an affordable price.