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Gel Base One Violet 5g

3.28 €
4.69 €

SKU code: G-SC-005

Base One Color gel line was created according to a modern recipe that produces an extremely durable and flexible gel mass that guarantees a very good adhesion to both, tip and natural nail plate.
BaseOne Violet is a one-phase medium-thick gel with modern optical brighteners that intensify the crystal-effect of the cured gel. BaseOne Violet is extremely adhesive and have good self-levelling properties and is recommended for building on false nails and templates. I’s also recommended for french manicure but most can be combined with colored gels and pasted in decorations. Adds a nice shine.
Pictures provided by @nellemiemani

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How to use

The brand

Spread the gel on the nail plate and cure in a Uv lamp with power of 36 watts for 2 min.
The usage of a Led lamp is possible but not recommended by the manufacturer, that guarantees the best results only with Uv lamps.

Silcare is a Polish company that has been operating on the cosmetic market for several years offering high technical and quality standards, constantly upgrading the production processes. Their goal is to achieve high–quality products at attractive prices, meeting the expectations of both professional and non-experienced customers, so it is a brand to keep an eye on! The wide offer of always brand new items will sure make fall in love every nail art lover. All ingredients used in production meet any specific requirement, are safe for use in Europe, and are not tested on animals.