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Uber Mat

8.15 €
16.29 €

SKU code: T-UC-003

Uber Mat is a simple and brilliant instrument that will change permanently your nail art routine! It is a flexible and washable mat that will allow you to protect your furniture surfaces from polish and remover stills and stains, but not only! With Uber Mat you will be able to test stamping techniques, marble manicure, color combinations and create amazing decals to be applied direcly on your nails! Ubermat dimensions are 16 x 12 inches (40.64 x 30.48 cm).

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The manufacturer advises that the mat could be rarely stained in case you use very dark and pigmented varnishes. Guerrilla Nails team tested it countless times with many nail polish brands and noticed that the few times that very dark nail polishes stained, the stains disappear with a simple washing with mild soap and water (after removing the nail polish with acetone or other nail polish remover). Then you should dry it carefully with a soft cloth. The manufacturer evend recommends not to let nail art stamps on the mat for a lot of time (several hours), because they could damage the surface (probably is due to the oils that are found on some stamper heads).

Take your manicure to the next level with Uber Mat!
1. You can easily test your color combos.
2. Protect your table from stains and spills.
3. You will have a brand new base every time: Uber Mat is super easy to clean and it’s acetone and nail polish remover proof.
4. You can wash it without worries: it’s food-grade!
5. You won’t waste precious room: it’s super flexible.
6. You will create amazing decals in the blink of an eye.
7. You will be able to test every reverse stamping technique.
8. You will be able to test even water marble manicure techniques, even in the “dry” version.
Guaranteed: Uber Mat will become your must!

UberChic Beauty, as often happens, was born from a little great intuition that came from a necessity. The founder was not able to find on the market stamping image plates that could be suitable for every nail shape. So the idea of the production came out. The attention to details, the design versatility made UberChic Beauty a leader among independent brands of nail art tools industry. UberChic Beauty is also known for one of this top products, the Uber Mat, a revolutionary product that a lot of brands tried to reproduce and that soon became the dream of every nail art lover!