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Welcome to Guerrilla Nails!

Guerrilla Nails was born from a great passion for nail art and from the desire to share top-quality, unusual tools and products that are hard to find in Italy.

Our e-commerce has also the ambition to make popular in Italy some indipendent nail polish manufacturers that are well known among nail art fans. Excellent quality standards and attention to the ethical production issues are only some of the main characteristics of these companies.

All the products of the e-shop are cruelty free, that means they aren't tested on animals. Many of them are vegan certified. You'll find also nail polishes called "3-free" or "5-free", that means they don't contain toluene, formaldehyde and other carcinogenic or harmful components.

The brands on Guerrilla Nails are often small supplying companies, created by the love, dedication and courage of the founders and become famous thanks to the quality and the fresh originality of the products.

Our name "Guerrilla Nails" is inspired by guerrilla gardening: actually, we believe that thinking to the environment and a little bit of impertinence could make the world a more colourful place.

Our catalogue is constantly updated, in order to satisfy the most demanding professionals and the most eccentric nail art fans as well!

Here what you can find on Guerrilla Nails: